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Tara Royer Steele

the Pie Queen.

Dreams Come True.

I’ve always dreamt of having a bakery.  I started baking when I was 8 or so…i’d make loaves of homemade breads & cookies on Saturday’s and deliver them to church on Sunday.  Well, I happened to be at the right place and the right time in July of 2011.  I was at a Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce meeting & heard about this new development in town & asked to meet the property owners.  I had no idea what I was going to talk about or what was already in the works.  Well, I met with The Massey’s the next morning & they asked, “so, what do you want? a pie shop?”  Needless, to say I said, “yes!”  Now my dad was in the hospital from a heat stroke & he had no idea what I was up to!  I called and let him know about the opportunity & he was very excited!  As soon as he could he was out to check it out in Round Top.

Well, we had to make the Haven happen fast, I mean, Antique Week was right around the corner & what better time to open than when we have the masses!!  Daddy didn’t raise no fool!  We opened the HAVEN on SEPT. 16, 2011…yes, only 2 months later!!!  The Haven was & is an outlet for me to pour out my creativity.  Whether thru baking or decorating.  It’s a place where people can come & enjoy a FAB cup of coffee under the BIG oak TREES or eat a PIECE of pie next to the metal PIEMAN.  It’s a haven.  A sanctuary.  Y’all come & see us now…we’ve got plenty of pie!!


tara, the pie queen



Ashley is a hairstylist and makeup artist outside of Pie Haven, but has always had a passion for coffee and food. She discovered a love for food while living in the Virgin Islands and trying all of the new exciting things there. Her love for coffee was found while working at a cafe in Michigan and has continued to grow in the past few years. Her mom, Hollie, working at Royer’s across the street, introduced her to Tara and Rick, and the rest is history!


Dixie has been slingin’ pie for almost four years and her favorite pie is Texas trash. She helped get this joint off the ground. Her passions are photography, travel and food. She’s desires to one day be a full time photographer and wants to grow as much of her own food as possible.


Kyleigh grew up in Colorado but has deep roots in Round Top.  The pie queen even graduated high school with her uncle.  Kyleigh and her family moved back to Texas in 2013 & would make the 45minute trek to work every weekend.  she now attends Sam Houston State & works with us in the summers.  She is studying pediatric nursing & loves to spend time with her friends and little sister!


Taylor grew up in Fayette county her whole life. She joined the pie chicks when she was in high school, and has loved working here since!  she heads to College Station in the fall to study at Blinn. Taylor will be back occasionally to help sling some pies, but will definitely miss seeing the rest of the chicks every weekend.

Photography Credit of Tara: April Pizana Photography

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