I’ve always dreamt of having a bakery.  I started baking when I was 8 or so…i’d make loaves of homemade breads & cookies on Saturday’s and deliver them to church on Sunday.  Well, I happened to be at the right place and the right time in July of 2011.  I was at a Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce meeting & heard about this new development in town & asked to meet the property owners.  I had no idea what I was going to talk about or what was already in the works.  Well, I met with The Massey’s the next morning & they asked, “so, what do you want? a pie shop?”  Needless, to say I said, “yes!”  Now my dad was in the hospital from a heat stroke & he had no idea what I was up to!  I called and let him know about the opportunity & he was very excited!  As soon as he could he was out to check it out in Round Top. 

Well, we had to make the Haven happen fast, I mean, Antique Week was right around the corner & what better time to open than when we have the masses!!  Daddy didn’t raise no fool!  We opened the HAVEN on SEPT. 16, 2011…yes, only 2 months later!!!  The Haven was & is an outlet for me to pour out my creativity.  Whether thru baking or decorating.  It’s a place where people can come & enjoy a FAB cup of coffee under the BIG oak TREES or eat a PIECE of pie next to the metal PIEMAN.  It’s a haven.  A sanctuary.  Y’all come & see us now…we’ve got plenty of pie!!

the response of the haven was overwhelming.  full of love, support & encouragement.  God provided an amazing opportunity in austin.  we opened our 2nd location in november of 2013.  it’s located on the corner of 29th & guadalupe.  neon coffee sign in the window & inviting big windows.  it’s not the look of the round top location on the outside, BUT when you walk in it’s the same feel.  creative, a haven, a sanctuary.  the space is small so we bake all the pies in round top & deliver to austin every other day or more.  bringing the country to the city.  


tara, the pie queen